The Aphrodite Balloon Program is an ongoing series of weather balloon experiments being carried out by ASAN Phoenix that began in December of 2016.

The Aphrodite Program is a research paradigm investigating space exploration as a medium for a sensual politics. 

The first mission of the Aphrodite Program was a balloon flown on March 26, 2017 and carried a protest tweet to approximately 100,000 feet. Aphrodite II was launched on October 17, 2017 carrying a 4k 360 degree camera. The purpose of the mission was to democratize access to the overview effect by simultaneously releasing a free high altitude VR experience and a compilation soundtrack created by local musicians. The Aphrodite II payload was never recovered due to a critical power supply failure on board the craft. ASAN will launch Aphrodite III to test a new transponder and telemetry system in April 2018. Aphrodite IV will be launched in autumn 2018 and will carry another 4k 360 degree camera.

The Aphrodite Balloon Program is entirely funded by donations.
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