The Autonomous Space Agency Network is an experiment.


Our hypothesis is that nonprofit space exploration is both possible and necessary for the future of the human species. ASAN develops open source technologies for the peaceful and artistic exploration of cosmos. Our mission relies on the self-initiative of our members, who comprise a transnational network of community-oriented space agencies.

Our organizational mission consists of three main pillars:


ASAN fosters peaceful space exploration by developing open source technologies as a way of encouraging cooperation rather than competition in the cosmos. From rocket engines to pressure suits, ASAN ensures that proprietary restrictions will not stand in the way of space exploration.


For the entire history of space exploration art has taken a backseat to military and commercial pursuits in space. ASAN recognizes that the humanities play a vital role in the future of space exploration and that artistic expression and scientific rigor need not be mutually exclusive.


Space exploration has always been an elitist affair. As part of its mission to democratize access to the cosmos, ASAN hosts after school programs, meet ups and hackathons catered to the interests and needs of those who have historically been left out of space exploration.

ASAN was founded on the belief that everyone is already an astronaut. Our organization recognizes that we risk letting a select few organizations export  the most sordid impulses of humankind into the cosmos unless we actively work to shape our collective future in space. To learn more about ASAN, visit our FAQ and Library.